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150 EUR
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Job description Grand Circle Corporation is looking for Trip Experience Leaders to lead “The Baltic Capitals & St. Petersburg” program for Overseas Adventure Travel in 2022.

  • Contacting travelers prior to travel via pre-trip email/calls
  • Escorting and Leading groups through the Baltic region by Coach, Air, and Sea
  • Compiling and delivering information on the countries, cities, and towns visited on tour
  • Describing points of interest during coach commentaries, providing info-talks on daily life and local issues
  • Selling of the Company excursion products on tour, taking payments, and following payment protocols
  • Offering and creating Learning and Discovery activities throughout the tour
  • Be willing to go off the beaten track, adapt, and show our travelers all aspects of daily life in the region
  • Confirming arrangements for the necessary transportation and activities, and working with local guides/ vendors
  • Arranging for medical personnel for the travelers, in case of emergency, and helping them with all further issues, as well as following local Covid regulations as they change
Requirements WHAT WE REQUIRE
  • Trip Leaders with a passion for people, our countries, culture, and traditions
  • You are a Baltic, Polish or Russian National/ Local/ Resident, who can converse in at least 1 local language
  • Fluent in English, with excellent communication skills and confident to present topics in front of groups
  • In-depth knowledge of the history of your country and that of the Regions you will travel through
  • Well-travelled with guiding experience in one or more areas we will operate in
  • The ability to think for yourself, as well as inspire others
  • Flexibility, teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills
  • Ability to take feedback and adjust accordingly
  • IMPORTANT: Only Trip Experience Leaders living in the Baltics, Poland or Russia need apply
  • Competitive wages in the regions with an added incentive/ bonus for achieving success
  • Strong support on the road from our regional and Multi-National teams
  • Stable, consistent, and flexible scheduling throughout the working season based on performance (April to November 2022)
  • An environment to grow and be challenged
  • In-depth training and honest feedback to help you improve your skills
Salary From 150 €/day gross
Prieš susisiekdami su reklamuotoju, prašome atidžiai išsiregistruotisu taisyklių puslapio skyrelio „Pareiškėjai“ turiniu.
  • Laukas „Jūsų vardas“ negali būti tuščias Įveskite savo vardą ir pavardę, atskirtus tarpu (pvz., Jane Miller)
  • Laukas „Jūsų el. Paštas“ negali būti tuščias Įveskite adreso dalį po simboliu „@“. Adresas „test @“ yra neišsamus
  • Laukas „Pranešimas“ negali būti tuščias
  • Maksimalus dydis - 3 MB. Formatai: pdf, rtf, doc, odt, xls, txt
  • Rekomenduojami formatai: jpg, png, gif, bmp
  • arba Atšaukimas
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