Front-End Developer

3700 - 5500 EUR
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As a Front-End Developer, you'll work alongside of CTO and Development team helping to solve complex business issues from strategy to execution. What you'll be doing
  • Identifying, creating, and applying software development and security standards and processes
  • Planning and designing software components
  • Estimating time and effort required for software development
  • Constructing, amending, and verifying software components
  • Applying test-driven development and ensuring appropriate test coverage
  • Using peer review techniques — such as pair programming
  • Documenting software components
  • Understanding and obtaining agreement to the value of the software components to be developed
  • Selecting appropriate development methods and life cycles
  • Applying recovery techniques to ensure the software being developed is not lost
  • Implementing appropriate change control to software development practices
  • Resolving operational problems with software and fixing bugs
Role responsibilities
  • Designs, codes, verifies, tests, documents, amends and refactors complex programs/scripts and integration software services.
  • Contributes to the selection of the software development methods, tools and techniques.
  • Applies agreed standards and tools to achieve well-engineered outcomes.
  • Participates in reviews of own work and leads reviews of colleagues' work.
  • Takes technical responsibility across all stages and iterations of software development.
  • Plans and drives software construction activities. Adopts and adapts appropriate software development methods, tools and techniques.
  • Measures and monitors applications of project/team standards for software construction, including software security.
  • Contributes to the development of organizational policies, standards, and guidelines for software development.
  • Develops organizational policies, standards, and guidelines for software construction and refactoring.
  • Plans and leads software construction activities for strategic, large, and complex development projects.
  • Adapts or develops new methods and organizational capabilities and drives adoption of, and adherence to policies and standards.
Knowledge & skills we are looking for
  • 3 years professional experience, a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field would be considered an advantage
  • C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework and later using Visual Studio 2013 [or later];
  • Proficiency in SQL Server or other comparable databases such as MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Knowledge of object programming and software design patterns such as MVC, MVP, Singleton and factory.
  • Modern web application development (e.g. ReactJS, Redux Toolkit, CSS3,
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